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Compassionate health education you can understand.

Do you feel like you are lost in the healthcare system and don't know how to get help?

Do you leave the doctor's office with more questions than answers?

Are you struggling to become healthier despite your best efforts?

Would you like to better understand your health?

Are you afraid of going back to the hospital?

Don't worry, we know that the healthcare system can be confusing and difficult to manage in the best of circumstances.

Wellness Through Awareness is here to help!

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Everyone's journey to Wellness Through Awareness will be different. We believe that each client is an individual and deserves to be treated as such.

During your complimentary wellness call we will talk about your wellness level, determine if you are working towards wellness as prevention, restoration, or a combination.

As we work together, you drive the focus. We understand that health shifts and changes and that means your goals might too. Our job is to simply help you achieve those goals in the most effective way possible.

What can you expect?

How we help:

  • Education on disease and prevention

  • Empower you as an advocate

  • Supporting family involvement

  • Education on risk benefit analysis

  • Improving communication with providers

  • Preventing Medication Errors

  • Coordination of care

  • Reducing risk of hospital visits

  • Decrease avoidable emergency room visits

  • Closing gaps in care

  • Preparing for end of life care

  • ... and more!

Ashley Grogg MSN-RN, Nurse Coach

My goal is to empower, educate and encourage you.

​By embarking on your Wellness Through Awareness journey with me,

YOU gain the ability to take back the joy & responsibility of your wellness

in a manageable way.

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I worked with Ashley while struggling with heart failure. She was able to explain my medications and treatments. I learned so much from her and how to take care of myself at home and how to tell my doctor when I was having issues. My doctor was surprised with my progress in managing my conditions and wanted to know who I was seeing. I told him I was working with Ashley & he was very impressed.


My parents are aging and have had a lot of health issues. My Dad went into the hospital, ended up having a heart attack, and needed a 5 way bypass. I was able to explain what the doctors were telling me and Ashley coached me through communication with them. I was so relived to have someone who could explain what was happening and how to help Dad when issues came up.


I didn't realize how many "small" issues were slowing me down. I was going to the doctor, following directions but still couldn't do the things I wanted to do. Going to the doctor felt pointless, and I wanted to give up. I started talking with Ashley, and we were able to figure out the things that were preventing me from enjoying life. I am grateful to Ashley for taking the time to listen and coach me into changes that worked for me.


After abnormal heart tests the nurse called and told me to increase one of my medications. I didn't feel comfortable with the changes but the nurse just told me to try it anyway and call back in a couple days if I had issues. She didn't listen to my concerns or talk to the doctor about it. I called Ashley and she was able to give me the information I needed to get see a different heart doctor. He listened to my concerns, I was started on a new medication in place of the old one, and learned that I was actually having several side effects. I also needed to see a different specialist and was able to schedule that appointment. I am so glad I called Ashley. It is hard telling how long my problems would have gone on if it weren't for her. Thanks Ashley!



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