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Ashley Grogg MSN-RN

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In my formative years I witnessed several family members endure health crisis.  There was a wide discrepancy in the care each of my family members received. I witnessed how the intention of the care giver made dramatic difference in their outcomes. As a result of those experiences nursing became my calling. I vowed to treat each patient as if they were my own family and to ensure they received the best possible care.


Over the course of my tenure in hospital nursing I further witnessed how time, compassion, and a bit of knowledge could impact my patients well-being. I thrived alongside my patients while giving direct patient education and support on real world problems. I recognized that even though many of my patients had similar diagnosis, they were still individuals with differing backgrounds, beliefs, educations, and experience levels. I quickly adapted my approach to what each individual needed and their success quickly followed.


Because of my unique approach I was promoted and given responsibilities in creating education programs and improving patient outcomes. Unfortunately, the focus of hospital moved out of patient care and advocacy into procedural and factory style care. Needless to say I became disenchanted  with cookie cutter medicine driven by predetermined orders and checklists removing personalize care. Worse yet, I constantly felt like I was just putting a band aid on my patients until the next time they came in. I knew if my patients could understand a little more about what was happening to their bodies and were given practical tips they would do much better managing their health at home.


To cut my despair I would often make remarks to co-workers about how our band aids fell off and the patients just kept getting worse. I got more and more involved in hospital committees to help fix some of the problems I was finding. Even though I was in the position to create and implement changes in the hospital, they never stuck because of poor staffing and other factors out of my control.


I deeply desired a more holistic and customized approach which lead me to be a patient coach working for an industry goliath. I was able to apply my nursing knowledge, peoples skills, and a few tricks of the trade to move people out of illness and into wellness. My job was centered around managing symptoms and decreasing hospitalizations. It all centered around helping patients become aware of their health issues, how to manage them, and the benefits of lifestyle modifications. Doctors offices and hospitals don't allow time for this kind of care and opt for pharmaceuticals that have a "guaranteed" effect. It is truly a sad state.


Most people don't realize that there isn't just one way to wellness.


There are many, but our medical system is set up in a way that consumers think the only option is the one in which the doctor presents on a prescription pad.  It simply isn't true. There are times when medications are necessary and even helpful, but they do not offer a complete solution.  This is why Wellness through Awareness was born.


I am so excited to be able to teach you how to advocate for yourself, take responsibility for your health, and enjoy your journey to Wellness Through Awareness.


Ready for your 15 minute Complimentary Wellness Call?

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