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Healing Moral Injury.

In this self-paced program you will get the knowledge and tools  to overcome guilt, shame, and other negative emotions as a result of moral injury.

Suffering is part of life, but it doesn't have to be permanent.

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Suffering with Moral Injury?

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Moral Injury:

Do you carry guilt or shame over an experience that violated your moral beliefs?

Maybe it was in your professional life, or maybe it is a scenario you faced with family.

Do reminders of that event make you question your worth?

If so you may be experiencing moral injury.

Though this phenomenon is primarily thought of as an issue in combat vets and sometimes healthcare personnel, I believe that it transects society indiscriminately. Moral injury isn't widely recognized but we are about to change that.

After realizing my own moral injury in September of 2022 I noticed that this phenomenon was likely impacting our entire world as a result of the COVID response. I have no doubt that many are experiencing this and it is a danger to the moral fiber of humanity.

I believe it is time for healing, not just from the wounds of COVID. It is time for deep moral healing from all our moral wounds. That is why I have decided to write a book using the lessons I have learned on my own healing journey to help others on theirs.

At present, I do not have a release date. However, you can sign up below to be the first to know!

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