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Accurate and appropriate VAERS reporting is essential to vaccine safety.

Mending the Broken Vaccine Safety Net: VAERS course was created to ensure everyone can participate in vaccine safety.

The three tracks below will provide clear & concise instructions on how to report, why it is important, how to educate others, and create a culture of safety.

Each track contains similar information and resources. However, they are tailored to the needs of each audience, including:


  • Nurses needing CE,

  • Providers & Medical Workers

  • Patients & Caregivers

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Are you wondering what inspired me to create these courses?

The simple answer is my own ignorance.

For nearly a decade after becoming a nurse, I had no clue what VAERS was. I was administering vaccinations on a regular basis during the fall and winter months, yet I had no idea that adverse events could occur.

When I learned that adverse events occurred, I was flabbergasted. It wouldn't be until I began investigating that I understood I had more than just a moral obligation to monitor for and REPORT adverse events.

I never received information in school about VAERS, and I certainly wasn't provided education by my employer. As I began to sift through websites provided by the CDC, FDA, HHS, and VAERS themselves, I felt like I was in a labyrinth cycling from one page to the next and unable to gain clarity. The more I read, the more questions I had.  I was never sure where I found information and how to reference back.

I knew if I was having this much difficulty others probably were too.

I searched for nursing continuing education and didn't find anything relevant.  There was one outdated course hidden behind a VA firewall and that was it.

So here we are, professional nursing development.

I couldn't leave other providers or patients and their caregivers out so I created course tracks tailored to their needs as well. 


We have a massive amount of work to do to eliminate the barriers to reporting, removing misconceptions, and improving vaccine safety. We must create a culture of safety where patients and professionals can have conversations about adverse events.

I hope to bridge the gap between those with varying opinions on the safety of vaccines and their use.  The divide between these two groups is so great and incredibly polarizing.


I truly believe that regardless of where you fall on the "to vaccinate or not to vaccinate" spectrum we are all here for one reason: HEALTHY COMMUNITIES.

That is why I am growing a community of people willing to put their differences aside and contribute to a culture of vaccine safety.


I hope you will join the conversation on Facebook.

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